The city is known as a non-stop party place, a foodie heaven, a beach paradise, a smart tourism model, a sports metropolis and a startup hub, to name a few.

During the summer months,Tel Aviv days are hotandhumid. But as evening falls along with the temperature, the city comes alive.

ISRAEL21c suggests these 10 cool things to do on summernights in Tel Aviv:

  1. Join the city’s famous nightlife

Tel Aviv’s nightlife scene is famous, and for good reason. From dance clubs to underground clubs, live concert venues, hidden bars and outdoor beach parties, the entertainment options in this city that never stops are endless. Keep up to date on the coolest nightlife options by following Secret Tel Aviv, Tel Avivian and HappyInTLV.

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  1. Drink on a roof

Drink a l’chaim with Tevye. A cocktail or cold beer at a bar on the rooftops of Tel Aviv is a summer tradition not to miss. The Swedish blog called The Rooftop Guide even dedicates a section to Tel Aviv’s best rooftop bars.

Hotspots come and go, but the 2016 summer favorites are The Speak Easy on Rothschild, Sura Mare, The Prince, Ciela, B on Top and Brown TLV.

  1. Shape up

Outdoor fitness is popular in Tel Aviv year round. In summer, when the sun is shining and the humidity is suffocating, the only time to exercise outdoors is early morning or in the evenings. Group exercise classes in abundance are offered in outdoor spaces around the city starting from 5pm.

Fit Aviv is a one-stop guide to all things fitness in Tel Aviv (including indoor gyms). Enjoy an evening swim in the inimitable seawater of Gordon Pool.Outdoor Fitness Israel has a good selection of evening-time TRX, Pilates or high-intensity circuit training classes at four locations in the city. Cross Fit Tel Aviv welcomes visitors to a nighttime workout overlooking the Mediterranean. Or sign up for a personal training session at Krav Maga Tel Aviv.

Overview of the Gordon swimming pool at the Tel Aviv beach. Photo by Moshe Shai/FLASH90

Overview of the Gordon swimming pool at the Tel Aviv beach. Photo by Moshe Shai/FLASH90
  1. Ooh-and-aah at the beach sunset

Tel Aviv’s sunsets are memorable. With nine miles of golden sands stretching along the Mediterranean Sea, there’s ample place to find a spot in Tel Aviv to sit and watch nature perform its magic. Israelis and visitors alike share this experience as the sun sets into the sea and the non-stop city awakes for its nocturnal rituals.

  1. Be a Mossad undercover agent

Like elsewhere around the world, escape rooms are hugely popular in Tel Aviv. Here’s your chance to showoff your sleuthing skills and solve a whodunit (often based on a real-life Israeli event). You’ve got just 60 minutes to unravel logical and visual puzzles and crack the riddle. Most escape rooms in Israel offer English-language clues – make sure to ask when reserving.

“Maniac’s Shelter” is one of the themed escape rooms at Tel Aviv’s Exit Room. Photo: courtesy

“Maniac’s Shelter” is one of the themed escape rooms at Tel Aviv’s Exit Room. Photo: courtesy
  1. People-watch on Rothschild Boulevard

Trip Advisor’s reviews hail Rothschild Boulevard as the best people-watching spot in the city. Go for a stroll along this city boulevard, sit on a bench or at one of the many café-kiosks, and watch to your heart’s content. Rothschild Boulevard is one of Tel Aviv’s oldest and most iconic streets, and is located in the heart of the White City Bauhaus area. You’ll find dog walkers, bikers, hipsters, businesspeople, startup entrepreneurs, families and tourists enjoying this thorough fare – day and night. Summer nights along Rothschild also regularly include buskers andarts festivals.

  1. Bar-hop

Dizengoff Street and the Jaffa Flea Market are two of the best bar-hopping scenes in the city. The Hebrew phrase l’hizdangef (“to Dizengoff”) conveys the action of strolling down this iconic street. At night, l’hizdangefis all about hopping from one hip bar to the next.

In Jaffa’s Flea Market area, the options for enjoying a cool beer in the night air are plenty. The alleys aren’t fancy but the buzzing vibe here is distinctive and unforgettable. On Thursday nights in summer, the municipality hosts Jaffa Nights – an outdoor celebration of music, performance, crafts and food.

Jaffa Flea Market bars. Photo via

Jaffa Flea Market bars. Photo via
  1. Experiencethe heartbeat of Israeli culinary art

Sarona Market is one of the city’s most popular leisure centers. While Tel Aviv Port, Jaffa Port and Shuk Hatzafon all offer a smorgasbord of delectable Israeli foodstuffs, this 8,700-square-meter marketplace is deemed “the heartbeat of Israeli culinary art.”

This complex takes inspiration from Borough Market in London, Chelsea Market in New York, La Boqueria in Barcelona, and the global Eataly chain. This is the place to taste contemporary Israel whether you like boutique beer, award-winning chocolates, Mediterranean fish, fresh produce, local wines or baked goods– many of them coming from Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem,

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Photo via

Carmel Market, Tel Aviv Port Market, Hatikva Market, Levinsky Market, and Wadi Nisnas Market in Haifa. Sarona Gardens also includes galleries, cafes, bars and restaurants, clothing and book stores, and open park spaces.

  1. Rollerblade through the streets

Probably the most local and wild experience you can have in Tel Aviv — if you know how to keep your balance — is joining the Tel Aviv Rollers. The loosely confederated group of 150 rollerblading and roller-skating enthusiasts takes to city streets every Tuesday evening at 9:45 for a 25-kilometer wheelie tour of Tel Aviv.

  1. Eat breakfast at 4am

Whether you choose to eat dinner at 11pm or breakfast at 2am, Tel Aviv is ready for you. Check Trip Advisor or Time Out Israel for the latest great eats. A handful of 24-hour eateries includes top-rated seafood kitchenShila, popular French bistro Brasserie, breakfast heaven Benedict, The Streets,  trendy European bistro Café Noir, Coffee Bar bistro and carbohydrate dreamland Lehamim. Burger house Moses on Rothschild closes at 4am.