‘WikiLeaks Cable Led Iran to Hang Spy for Israel’

May 16, 2012  

A leaked WikiLeaks cable led Iran to arrest and execute a man alleged to have been hired by the Mossad to assassinate a physicist, the Times of London reported Wednesday.

American government officials previously have accused of WikiLeaks of endangering security by publishing confidential diplomatic cables.

Analysts have connected the dots linking the publication of  the U.S. document with the execution on Tuesday of Majid Jamali Fashi, 24, who was hanged after being convicted for being a Mossad agent who killed scientist Massoud Ali-Mohammadi two years ago.

The leaked cable identified Fashi as a “licensed martial arts coach and trainer” who was taking part in a tournament in Azerbaijan when the document was sent from the U.S. embassy in Baku.

Birmingham University Prof. Scott Lucas told the London newspaper that details of the cable may have made Iran suspicious.

“Alternatively it could have been used as a pretext against him; to set him up as a person who could take the fall for the assassination,” he added.

Ali Ansari, head of Institute for Iranian Studies at the University of St Andrews, stated “I have always considered the release of the WikiLeaks files, without consideration for those consciously or unconsciously named in them, to be grotesquely irresponsible.”

Iran has said that Fashi confessed to carrying out the motorcycle bombing. Fashi allegedly admitted that he travelled to Israel to be trained by the Mossad on how to carry out the assassination.

Last month, Iran said it arrested more than a dozen alleged spies who the government said plotted to kill an Iranian scientist earlier this year.

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