‘IDF Tested Gaza Terrorists before Attack on Iran’

March 14, 2012  

Hizbullah and Hamas said IDF strikes on Gaza terrorists were a “test” of  reactions in advance of an attack on Iran, a Lebanese newspaper reported. Leaders of Hizbullah and Hamas also reportedly said they are coordinating with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood in the event of a war  “waged by the Zionist enemy.”

Hizbullah supreme leader Hassan Nasrallah met with the Hamas number two leader in Lebanon, according to the Al-Sapir Arabic-language newspaper.

An alliance between the Iranian-Syrian-Hizbullah axis in the north with Hamas in Gaza and the Muslim Brotherhood would squeeze Israel from both ends of the country.

The meeting between Hizbullah and Hamas’ Dr. Moussa Abu Marzouk focused on the rebellion in Syria and the IDF’s counterterrorist strike on two Gaza terrorist leaders and the retaliation that followed a resumption of Hamas and Islamic Jihad missile attacks on Israel.

Nasrallah and Marzouk met on Monday and charged that “the Israeli enemy is responsible for the recent escalation of Israel’s counterterrorist measures in Gaza, which they said were intended “to pressure the resistance forces” and test their preparations for an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear plants.

The newspaper said that Hizbullah and Hamas discussed their relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood in light of the situation in Gaza and the current discussion in the West of intervening in Syria to stop the slaughter of civilians by Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Nasrallah also told Hamas leaders that Assad wants a political solution to the crisis facing his regime.

Hamas said it is holding meetings with other Arab factions in Lebanon and with representatives of the Palestinian Authority for a planned “million-man” march on Israel later this month.

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